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Family Law Services

Anderson Family Lawyers provides expert family law advice to spouses, de facto partners (same sex and de facto) who are separating, people entering into a relationship, parents, grandparents and other persons concerned with the care welfare and development of a child as well as third parties (who may have an interest in property).


We are able to assist you in family law matters including advising in relation to:

  • Children’s matters, including but not limited to care arrangements for children, specific issues such as education, special occasions, religion, medical matters, relocation;
  • Property settlements and financial issues including superannuation;
  • Paternity disputes;
  • Matters involving surrogacy arrangements;
  • Family violence intervention orders;
  • Financial agreements – prior to cohabitation, during a relationship and post separation regarding financial matters, 
  • Child support agreements;
  • Child support responsibilities;
  • Spousal maintenance;
  • Pre-separation – things to consider and what you should and should not do;
  • Separation;
  • Pre-cohabitation advice;
  • De facto (heterosexual and same sex) relationships;
  • Divorce;
  • Litigation Guardian with respect to family law matters

We will work with other professionals to assist in the resolution of your matter including psychologists, family therapists, financial advisers, barristers, solicitors practising in other areas of law which relate to your family law matter.


We can provide you with referrals to family dispute resolution practitioners, counsellors, psychologists, financial advisers, accountants and other professionals where appropriate.